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A Worldwide Phenomenon
Do "Others" Do It Too? How?

The team of Lloyd and Lena Logan are recognized as the pre-eminent fasolapologists of the modern era. Who can forget their ill-fated expedition of 1954, as they sent fourteen of their graduate students, paddling a raft (crafted only with copies of the Annual Minutes) from Lebanon to Louisiana, in an adventurous (yet doomed) attempt to prove that the mucilage in the bindings could survive the humidity of Alabama?

 The photograph below documents a more fruitful voyage to a far-flung corner of the Sacred Harp universe. The reluctance of their few surviving students obliged the Logans to lead the expedition personally, and there were no watery mishaps this time! Lloyd's characteristic pith helmet was seen all round the Promenade Deck as he organized supplies and shouted encouragement to the others in Steerage Class below.

 Landfall at last! Guides bore the party inland, to almost immediate success. Again we find the now-universal hollow square. Again we find the delicious uniformity depicted in the altos (backs to camera). But wait - no Leader in the center! Unfinished? Destroyed or looted? Does a hulking stone Chairman now grace a private collection in Birmingham? Or could this strange vanished civilization have been leaderless? "As yet," comments Lena incisively, "we don't know."

 And yet we are certain that these imposing statues were erected to pay a solemn and timeless homage to the tune by Willy Billabong: "Easter Island Anthem." Devotees of this fluent yet unknown Aboriginal composer ask us : "When shall that masterwork find its rightful place once again on the printed page?" As yet, these (and many other) questions are met only with silence from the granite and titanium towers of the new Sacred HarpQuarters.