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The Unexplained
Beyond the Scientific, Well-Trodden Boundaries of the Comfortably Known

How little we dwellers on this tiny globe called Earth truly understand of the vast reaches of the Universe! Events and sights even on our home planet still fill us with awe and wonder, particularly those for which there seems no "rational" explanation.

 Here is an aerial photograph taken in 1994 of a farmer's field near the rural village of Stratfield-upon-Horton, England. His non-organic tune book crop that year was lush and plentiful, the combine's trail clearly delineated in the morning sunlight... and yet... those marks so familiar to Sacred Harp singers have - seemingly - been plainly etched into the rustic's rural landscape. (That worthy, a Mr. Jasper Olney, has continued his family's tillage of this parcel of land since the Domesday Book was scribed in 1086 A.D.)

 "Arrrr," he attests in his broad mid-country accents, "thay-ers no axplanation f'rit, sez Oi... This yer be the third occurrence in t'past foive yars. All us round these parts be at our wit's end, sez Oi, but Oi soospecks it's them 'oolligans from the 4-H."

 Olney gives short shrift to the many New Age "crop circle" visionaries in the area. He even shows impatience with the dozen or more respected scientists from (among others) the Shape Note Oddities of the Otherworldly Paranormal and Extraterrestrial Research Science club. They have been known to camp out for weeks at the edge of the pasture, armed with Geiger counters, dowsing rods and the odd Ouija board, in hopes of either a revelation or a scientific explanation. To date, SNOOPERS has produced neither.