1. Prehistory  

2. Infotainment

3. The Alto

4. Worldwide

5. Immigration

6. Mysteries

7. HarpQuarters

8. The Future?

Welcome to all those interested in expanding our Sacred Harp history and traditions. This collection of photographs and commentary is entirely Unofficial - as yet. The Editors feel that, although scholarly and "accurate" within accepted standards, the current body of published material concerning shape-note singing has not kept pace with the tremendous increase in spurious documentation made possible by newer technologies. Hence, much of this material has never been seen in such detail or profusion.

 The examples shown here and on other pages are the results of, in some cases, hours and hours of work by dedicated people working - perhaps - outside the academically sanctioned world of the tenured Sacred Harp Professorship. Yet with its soaring worldwide popularity, it is Sacred Harp itself that has drawn into its tolerant bosom a wider circle of adherents than some conservative authorities might wish. And is their effort truly any less salient than that which is already a part of the Canon? The Editors respectfully think not.

 We take the liberty of adding a new term - Fasolapology - to the scholarly vocabulary.

Fas = "the" or "some"    +    olapo = "new"    +     logy = "tedious research(er)"

 Finally, this does not purport to be a compilation of all the new investigations (or speculations either). That would be daunting indeed, running easily into the tens of pages. It is rather hoped that this "supplement" to the more "established" writings will have the effect of stimulating discussion and debate - and sharing - among all those concerned. Our financial sacrifice from preparing and thrusting them into the Public Domain - gratis - is amply repaid by the knowledge that we have left our own small "Legacy" to colleagues and friends. We can but hope that the Death Duties will not be too onerous.

- The Editors