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And Now... Whither?
Well-Anchored, Yet Straining Forward

Once nearly abandoned, shape-note singing has thrived so dramatically that funds from songbooks alone (supplemented by one generous grant from the Smithsonian) were enough to underwrite construction of a new Sacred HarpQuarters in rural Georgia. As of today (February 12, 2006), we can still only guess at the function of the many unlabeled areas on the specious campus. Highly-trained Staff are secretive about their lives at the compound (the diagram below was derived from a risky Cooper Book surveillance overflight). But there are tantalizing hints concerning some of the wonders that lie hidden behind the tall fences (assiduously guarded by "Alarm" Trebles, whose strident hoots and yelps can be heard everywhere over the grounds).

 Scientists at HQ regularly apply for patents in many diverse fields - digital display, note-splicing and vocal chord regeneration, to name but a few. But the Humanities seldom take a humble back bench to the Technologies, dazzling as those may be! The Museum, still housed offsite in a small building near Bremen, is soon to be annexed, and then scholarly researchers may gain more regular access to a treasure-trove of unexamined memorabilia, manuscripts and oddities such as the "Tortilla," and the Fasols displayed on Page 1.

 And Sacred Harp goes ever onward. New music is actually published only every half-century, but the Composer's Shack at the main gate hands out more than three hundred sheets of "official" music paper every Thursday between 6:00 and 7:15 A.M. (Only a dozen or so are pawned thereafter.) A fortunate few compositions are eventually disseminated to growers worldwide (see Mysteries page).

 According to a study by the independent Arbacoochie Foundation, the future holds bright hope, as it is these very standards which have made Sacred Harp the world's "preeminent shape-note social activity whose literature has a burgundy cover". Built upon such strengths, Sacred Harp can only prosper and thrive.