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Passing the Torch (O2 Not Included)
On to a Brilliant Future!

In this artist's conception, the year is 2082. We are watching as SacredHarp Shuttle #242 begins its final approach to SOL, the Zero-Gravity Convention, held only in years of minimal sunspot activity. At right the Chairman's personal command craft is streaking up just in time to "pass the helmet" for donations.
With tune-book sales sufficient to underwrite all convention expenses, economists at HarpQuarters predict no further need for helmet-passing after 2140 C.E. And as "millions join the theme", revenue will allow for development of more special projects, such as Monolith 369 (shown at right), already in place on Earth's moon.

 And, since shape-note singing, like all other human endeavors, must perforce be passed on to new generations, the Editors now extend their preformatted foolscap and digital quill in faltering hands, trusting that fresh caretakers will reach up and grasp each proffered One and Zero tenderly. Discard what becomes obsolete, but retain the same Spirit in your own researches. Dry scholarship, and so-called "Accuracy" have their respected place, to be sure. Yet if the Old Masters had fretted overmuch anent parallel fifths and throat-rending Treble parts, we should all now be lined up dutifully on choir risers facing machines! and not singing for each other... as we still can... in "The Good Old Way."